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Professor Liddle-Oldman

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Rubber Baby Buggy Trumpers [Nov. 30th, 2016|09:04 pm]
Professor Liddle-Oldman

So. The Orange Homunculus is criticizing Jill Stein's attempt to get a recount in swing states because it's unnecessary; there was no voter fraud. He is also announcing that he would have won the election (that is, the actual vote, which he lost by 2 million vote) if it weren't for the three million illegal votes for Clinton.

I don't think he actually listens to what he says.

That being said, a fact-checking organization reports that out of several hundred statements they checked after the Homunculus spewed them, about 15% were true or partially true, and around 50% were rated "pants on fire".

Though some of his nuttier campaign promises seem to be being kept -- most of his department appointees are people who have pledged to eliminate those departments.

Which leads us to the coal miners who campaigned so hard for him and voted for him in droves -- they've just figured out that the Affordable Care Act has specific language so that it covers Black Lung Disease, which, before, no one could get coverage for. They're all about to lose their health insurance and any chance of care or treatment for a wide-spread cause of death among them. Perhaps, they may be thinking, they should have thought this all the way through.

Too late now. Too late for any of us.
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And Who Shall I Say Is Calling? [Nov. 11th, 2016|09:45 pm]
Professor Liddle-Oldman
11 November 2016

And now Leonard Cohen is dead.

Goodbye. Goodbye.

We are so small between the stars, so large against the sky,
And, lost among the subway crowds, I try to catch your eye...
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Oh, Show Me The Way To The Next Whiskey Bar [Nov. 10th, 2016|07:17 pm]
Professor Liddle-Oldman
10 November 2916


Three fingers of Famous Grouse, followed by two fingers of Johnny Walker.

(These are both scotches).

I am fracking medicated.
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Just Like A Adult! [Nov. 10th, 2016|06:16 pm]
Professor Liddle-Oldman
[mood |relieved]

There. I finally finished my resume and sent it to my lovely wife (who works as an editor) for her input. When we have aversion we like, I'll start to send it out.
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In The Hollow Of The Night, When You Are Cold And Numb [Nov. 10th, 2016|05:02 pm]
Professor Liddle-Oldman
10 November 2016

I hung up on one of my oldest friends yesterday. We've known each other for fifty years. I've always been able to ignore his execrable politics (he listens to Lush Rimjob on his iPod), but now I can't. He called me up and I of course said that I was devastated. In the ensuing conversation, he said that a major reason he voted for The Apricot Homunculus was that Obama and Secretary Clinton had deliberately given Iran nuclear weapons. Since they actually prevented them from working on a weapon, I became incoherent with rage and hung up. I should call and apologize, and suggest we not talk about politics and let history decide. (Such as when he looses his health insurance, and he looses his disability, and when the anti-Sematism he denied comes to the surface...) but I don't think I can do so yet.

My Unitarian church is holding meditation and a service tonight for people mourning for our country. I myself am practicing my nee mantra.

Not my President.
Not my President.
Not my President.
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The Best Lack All Conviction, While The Worst Are Filled With A Passionate Intensity [Nov. 9th, 2016|02:20 pm]
Professor Liddle-Oldman
[mood |appalled]

9 November 2016 (a date that will live in infamy)

This is a fucking nightmare.

Trump, the apricot troll-like homunculus, won the fucking election.

I note that he won on the anniversary of Kristallnacht, which is grimly significant.

I had hoped that his followers would be busy fucking their sisters, tying nooses, crafting flammable crosses, and standing out in the back yard waiting for the Rapture, but they all turned out.

My wife points out that last time, the country actually voted for a black man rather than elect a woman, no matter how qualified she might be, and that you can’t spell “President” without “penis”.

This is a fucking nightmare.
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We Should Be Kind, While There Is Still Time [Nov. 8th, 2016|10:01 pm]
Professor Liddle-Oldman
[mood |terrified]

8 November 2016, Tuesday, Election Day

At this point, I am avoiding any coverage of this demented election. We went down to our polling place, and cast our fervid votes for Hillary Clinton. I have in fact been waiting to vote for Hillary Clinton for at least 12 years. This election has me frightened to the point of incontinence. I have no idea how Trump, a monster of lies, narcissism and bile, rose so high. Well, OK, he’s been throwing red meat to the sullen, the stupid, the surly, the ignorant. He’s supported by racists, white power bigots, neo-Nazis, and Newt Gingrich. A Trump presidency would be a complete fracking disaster, for us and for the world.

I actually wish there was someone I could pray to for succor. C’mon, Hillary, move yer bloomin’ arse…
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If You’re A Goth, Where Were You When We Sacked Rome? [Sep. 15th, 2016|04:27 pm]
Professor Liddle-Oldman
[mood |thoughtful]

15 September 2016

The answer to Final Jeopardy the other day was “American Gothic”. The clue was a picture of the models in street garb. (As everyone knows, they were Wood’s sister and his dentist.) The sister had current hair and probably cosmetics, but the dentist, though wearing a suit, look precisely like the picture. As I was shaving this morning, it occurred to me to wonder if Wood actually got the idea for the painting in the chair, listening to the drill and looking up into that dour and severe face.
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Meet The New Boss; Same As The Old Boss [Sep. 14th, 2016|03:49 pm]
Professor Liddle-Oldman
[mood |reflective]

14 September 2016

I was sitting in my usual diner the other day, eating beef stew (which has just come back on the menu, despite the near-90 heat most days), listening to the radio behind the grill. There’s no telling what it’ll be playing day to day; I don’t know if it depends on which cook is up, or what the cook’s mood is, or some system of rotation between the preferences of the staff. In any case, that day it was playing an oldies station.

As an oldie myself, I was mostly enjoying the selections. (As usual, they were basically playing my record collection.) They played “White Room”, they played “Victoria”, they played "Baba O'Riley” (Teenage wasteland; It's only teenage wasteland). Which – as usual – caused me to imagine the survivors of The Who singing, now, “Hope I die before I get—oh, shit.”
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Daily News [Sep. 8th, 2016|12:48 pm]
Professor Liddle-Oldman

8 September 2016

There are two interesting bits in the paper this morning. (Of course there's murders and trials and people blowing themselves and others up, as usual.)

One is that an elephant in the National Zoo has arthritis, poor thing, so she's been fitted for boots to assist. They've helped her become more mobile. They're about a size 20, EEEEEEEEEEEE wide.

The other is that North Carolina has had a spate of sightings of feral clowns. When confronted, they flee back into the woods. The police claim not to be able to find them, though I would certainly search, simply so that I could say "feral clowns" at a news briefing.

The headline for this second story, by the by, is "Is It Pennywise, Or Just Clown Foolish?", which I love almost as much as"feral clowns".
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