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The Job of Text [Apr. 30th, 2014|03:57 pm]
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[mood |cranky]

Editing. I always think I can write until I try to.

[User Picture]From: bill_sheehan
2014-04-30 10:16 pm (UTC)


With respect, you write very well. Or is it soulless business writing to which you refer?
[User Picture]From: natevw
2014-05-02 01:12 pm (UTC)


Agreed ~

You have a very good way with words and feelings , don't ever stop nor change .

[User Picture]From: liddle_oldman
2014-05-21 09:34 pm (UTC)



The possibility of my shutting up this side of death is infinitesimal.
[User Picture]From: liddle_oldman
2014-05-21 09:33 pm (UTC)


Work instructions. I was trying to write clear, logical directions to assemble several tricky reports. Simple, declarative sentences often elude me.