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It Might Get Loud - Hot and Cold Running Blather [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Professor Liddle-Oldman

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It Might Get Loud [Apr. 14th, 2014|04:34 pm]
Professor Liddle-Oldman
14 April 2014

So I'm listening to my wife singing, long long ago. Back in the day, she used to front a band called the All-Duck Orchestra. (For comparison, Dave Barry used to be in a band called Federal Duck. It was probably something about the drugs that made ducks seem so funny.) I have their only album on my 'pod – and, by album, I mean something the bassist put together out of old tapes, with a publication run of maybe a dozen copies. They were one of the innumerable bands that played a few bars and a frat, but they were not bad.

You know how every adolescent boy thinks he's a rapper? Once, forty years ago, we'd gather into bands instead.

The vocals, though, are a little odd. That's because the sound guys were also the two guitarists, and they knew to a certainty that people were there to listen to the guitars, so the sound on the instruments is good. However, the vocals are well back in the mix – they didn't give the vocalist (the lovely and talented future Mrs. Professor) a microphone. They just couldn't imagine that anyone might care about the vocals, so long as the guitars were right up front.

It's a good thing, she still points out, that she was pretty loud. It stood her in good stead.

[User Picture]From: buscemi
2014-04-16 07:53 pm (UTC)
At first, I imagined everyone singing like Donald Duck. Heh. I'll have to look for the album online.
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[User Picture]From: liddle_oldman
2014-05-21 09:41 pm (UTC)
That would be funny too!

By "album", I mean the sound guy transcribed the best of their crappy old tapes onto a CD and made a cute cover for it. There were never more than half a dozen of them. :)

They were not, though, bad, for the time.
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