Professor Liddle-Oldman (liddle_oldman) wrote,
Professor Liddle-Oldman

The Professor Is Tenting On The Old Camp Ground

3 June 2020

I have excellent news.

Spangler is shipping.


You may remember that a couple years ago, to the horror of all right-thinking people, NECCO (New England Confectionery Company) abruptly closed and was sold off piecemeal. An absolute bidding frenzy was set off as people tried to acquire the dwindling supply of NECCO wafers, which date back to the 1840s, were popular during the Civil War (hence my title), and are fairly obviously the world’s best candy – possibly if you leave out Turkish Delight. (One lady called a wholesaler and offered to swap her car for their supply. They passed.)

I got my hands on several bags of the small rolls, enough to fill a biscuit tin and over, but that was it. As far as I knew, I would have to make maybe a hundred miniature rolls last thirty or forty years.

But in the business section of this morning’s paper was a small article. Spangler, the people who make Circus Peanuts, had bought the rights (and, I assume, the equipment) for NECCO wafers. It’s taken them a couple of years to set up the line, but they’re in production and they’re shipping.

They’ve even been smart enough not to mess with them. There are still cinnamon and clove wafers. I am so happy.

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